My Small Garden: Happiness, Therapy & Garden Tips


Hey Friends, How are you doing?

Earth, rivers, mountains, flowers, butterflies, birds, green gardens and tress!

I just feel good and safe in nature or garden. It gives me peace & joy at all different levels. Sometime I listen to nature. I go for trekking & hiking with my friends. Just want to feel beautiful mountain weather & scenery.

Yesterday, my neighbor asked me why I love gardening & mountains so much. I said “Nature is my love”. Today, I am going to post my reasons as to why I love gardening or nature.


It’s in my Blood:
My grandfather belongs to the mountains (Himachal Pradesh, India) and they have lived in the forest. They hiked, went for hunting and picked lot of herbs, vegetables; fruits and my grandfather always had a garden in the backyard. They have special connections with nature. They were devoted gardeners so it’s in my blood.

Good Place For Relaxation: Honestly, Gardening reduces my stress as well as anxiety. Gardening works for me when I get frustrated. Gardening gives you a perfect place and time for that much needed relaxation.

Good For Physical Health: Gardening is an outdoor activity & it’s a great way to get huge amount of sunshine (Vitamin D) but Yes! Don’t forget the sunscreen :). Just 30 minutes of gardening on daily basis can control high blood pressure, obesity and lower risk of dementia.

Eat Fresh & Healthy: Gardening not only gives you with fresh tasty fruits and vegetables (lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, oranges), it also encourages you to eat them. We can eat chemical-free vegetables & fruits to stay healthier. And it can also improve our immunity.


I was born in Ludhiana city. Now we are living in city with my parents. My mom, dad and I garden together. Now we’ve our own small terrace garden. We’ve got vegetables, herbs and lot of flowers. When I’m in my small garden, my mood improves. We must always care for them with love so we can keep them forever. Put behind the hustle and bustle of the busy work week to stop and smell the fresh soil, scent of beautiful roses, vegetables and fruits! Here are some pictures of small garden:

You can also create your own small holistic and functional garden at home and feel the beauty of nature. Let’s be connected and inspired by nature. Surround yourself and your family members with greenery that will cheer you every day.


If you are growing a garden to feed your family it is important to have good soil. If your garden has healthy soil, plants will grow better and they will look healthy.

Add Organic Matter: Organic matter is anything that contains carbon compounds that were created by living organisms. Some examples are plant debris, shredded leaves, animal manure, and grass clippings.
Organic compost will improve any soil structure. Mushroom compost, you can buy large feed bags from market or you can make it yourself at home. Some kitchen items can go right into the garden as they are. Every morning I take our coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, and banana peels cut up right out to the garden beds.

Add Aged Animal Manure: Animal manure makes healthy soil. Chicken, cow, horse, goat and sheep manures are rich in nutrients and beneficial for plant growth. Spread the manure in the fall or winter and incorporate it into the garden in the spring before planting.

Add Live Worms: Warms help us to make healthy garden and organic soils. They loosen the soil and increase water-holding capacity. Make sure you get right worms for your garden or soil.

My Garden tips are not ending. I will share my suggestions on my next post. Thanks for reading my post & feelings.. 🙂

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