About Me


I’m Dimple Jaiswal. My friends call me “Dimps”. I’m believer, blogger, daughter, sister, and SEO/SMO/ Google Adwords Expert/ Freelancer living in India. Because of Lock-Down Covid-19, I used to spend my all time either at home cooking and office work.

Trying to keep sane, failing daily. Mainly due to the fact that we’re all together 24/7 with no end in sight because…Pandemic. (Is it over yet?) This has been ok, mostly, but sometimes OMG can I just pack a bag and go for hiking?

It’s Me! 🙂

Born: December 1989
Education: Graduate BSC (IT) & Post Graduate MCA
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Senior SEO/SMO/PPC Expert & Freelancer
Interests: Cooking, Blogging, Science Fiction Movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hiking, Animals, Sports, Korean Dramas
I like Barbecue, Chocolate, Chinese Foods, and Iced Coffee …..

About My Blog

This blog is mostly my personal record of things that I adore, or have adored. I want to become a better writer so I plan on experimenting with different writing styles and topics. As I’m really just getting started I would appreciate any feedback available to help me improve my writing.

Thank you for stopping by ! See you in comments 🙂